Base 9 Tattoos is a modern , Melbourne tattoo studio, situated in the trendy Moonee Ponds area. Base 9 Tattoos is surrounded by cafes and bars and just a short walk from Puckle st and the Moonee Ponds CBD.

Our experienced artists maintain high level of customer service and cleanliness that will ensure you feel safe and happy in our studio. (all our inks are top quality and are vegan too)

The crew at Base 9 Tattoos are interested in nothing but producing quality tattoos, from one of a kind custom tattoos to simple, small tattoos, or even bringing in your own design!

We provide a relaxed environment and the artistic drive to make your tattoo the best design possible. Whether it’s your first tattoo or adding to your body suit, our artists are more than capable of your design requirements.

Come visit us or drop us an email with your enquiries! :)





With over a decade in the game, Chris is a well established artist who specialises in his own unique black and grey style. His strengths are the darker arts and gothic style realism. Give him metal, give him gore but this talented artist also likes bringing beautiful art like roses and animals come to life.



Pabz is a black and grey specialist with over 12 years experience, his strengths are animals, insects, faces and portraits. With his Latin American heritage, he has a natural flare for things like chicano style designs, cars, scripts and anything with high detail like statues. He does dabble in full colour if he feels he can rock it. He is happy to tackle just about any project providing its not demonic or too negative.

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Eyan is a very accomplished and talented artist who likes  to tattoo realism and neo traditional designs. With over a decade experience, his work speaks for itself. Eyan is a  mostly black and  grey but also creates amazing colour pieces! 

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Song is one of the fastest learning apprentices Base 9 has ever had the pleasure of producing. He has a natural talent for crisp line work and soft shading in his neo traditional and Japanese  designs. Song is nearing the end of his apprenticeship and  has already surpassed many full fledged artists with his level of care and application, and loves doing anime style tattoos and asian inspired themes. 

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Our jack of all trades, Ryan loves doing just about anything you throw at him from small to large designs, black or colour, he'll have you covered! 

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Paul is one of our new apprentices with a natural gift for drawing, and watercolour paintings. His artwork is amazing and work ethic to match. With a carpentry background in furniture making, you can see in his work the attention to detail, Paul will be ready to take on walk-in clients very soon as he is already producing great work on his friends.

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Izzy is also one of our new apprentices who is  an incredible drawer and does beautiful animals and flowers designs. Judging by her first few tattoos, she will be a force to be reckoned. With her line work already looking great, she will  be taking on walk-ins in the very near future.

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 Here at Base 9 Tattoos we always welcome guest artists to come by and do guest spots with us. We have had local, interstate regulars and international artists come by to guest from just a few days to even weeks.

If you are an artist and thinking of coming to explore Melbourne, drop us an email and come hang out!





666 Mt Alexander Rd ,Moonee Ponds,VIC, 3039

Tel: 03 93701444




Opening hours Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6:30pm 

Sunday-Monday closed to the public

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